About Us

Our mission is simple – Dedicated Media is committed to delivering loyal and highly engaged customers to our clients.

Simply, we are dedicated to the success of our clients. We are a group of mathematicians, statisticians, sales people, marketers, account managers, support teams, developers, and so much more, here to deliver the results you need for your online campaign.

What we do
Dedicated Media connects the performance and efficiency of direct response marketing with the scale and reach of brand advertising producing immediate, measurable lifts in audience engagement, interaction, and other key metrics unique to each campaign’s needs. Leveraging a decade of expertise with agencies, brand-direct and deep publisher relationships, Dedicated’s intelligent customer acquisition platform operates at every level of the intent funnel converting audience data into instantly actionable insights that drive success across display, video, mobile, social, and performance channels.

Where we’ve been
Founded in 2004 by Scott Yamano and Chris Berman as a display ad network, Dedicated Media rapidly evolved into a multi-channel online digital platform driving brand engagement and ROI for Fortune 500 clients. To say we are an ad network would be an understatement – Dedicated Media is an audience acquisition platform operating at every level of the intent funnel. We are your multi-channel performance network engaging the right audience that impacts your campaign success. It’s just smart.

Where we’re going
Great question. The best answer: wherever you, our clients, need us to. Find out where you and Dedicated Media can go together with your next campaign. Contact us today »

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Dedicated Media is in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.
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