It’s Tax Season!

For some people, February is the month of love; for others, it’s the Super Bowl. For those of us in the industry, it’s the start of the tax season.

The affiliate space is no stranger to seasonality, but that focus is usually reserved for the holiday season. The tax season is one of the most under-utilized times of the year, and especially the first quarter. Online filing in particular has grown, with industry-leading software brands making filing taxes easier each year. With varying state instructions and even more complex federal instructions, online filing provides information to users at an affordable rate, helping manage which deadlines to stick to and which forms to submit.

Between the fact that about 80% of Americans receive tax refunds, and the measures companies are taking to appeal to consumers – including discounts, returns, and coupons – online tax offers are among the biggest and best offers in Q1. Yet a huge number of marketers leave tax dollars by the wayside.

It’s not really a surprise why tax campaigns are popular. They are live from January through April, avoiding the all-too-common one-month flight. They appeal to wide audiences including men and women, different age brackets, and varying HHI brackets. Combined with a strong brand marketing campaigns from most of the big names in the space, we don’t typically see incremental lifts – we see exponential ones.

With close to two months left in the tax season, this is the ideal time to start capitalizing on those dollars and joining in – before it’s too late.