Life at Dedicated Media

Do we work hard? …Yes we do! …Do we play hard? You better believe it! Balance is important to us at Dedicated Media, so we make sure that we keep our family taken care of.

Why so serious?!
Whether throwing a happy hour for a big win or heading out as a team to play some kickball, we keep it fun (and when I say we play kickball, I mean we CRUSH at kickball — remember: play hard!). Even at tradeshows we like to have a good time and spread that good cheer to our clients. We keep it casual. We give you snacks. And you never know when we’ll call an impromptu happy hour simply because…

There’s a time for work and a time for play. At Dedicated, we try to have fun in our daily routines. You’ll occasionally see our non-human employees running around the office ready to play fetch or steal some lunch off your plate.

Join a team of big thinkers
While there is plenty of play at Dedicated, we can’t forget that we are here to work. We pride ourselves on a VERY open door policy (our New York office doesn’t even have doors). We pride ourselves on hiring great people, but more importantly, we relish the fact that we actually LISTEN to our employees…YOU are our secret to success. We are led by amazing, intelligent people, but the foundation of success starts with each employee on every level. Our environment is one where EVERYONE has a voice, and just as important, people will listen.